2014 Seneca Falls Dialogues

RECAP: 2014 Seneca Falls Dialogues

SFD Program 2014

The theme of the 2014 Dialogues was EcoFeminism: Cultivating Identity and Place. These Dialogues featured a wide variety of dialogues, poster sessions, and activities that explored the intersection of feminist and environmental concerns. Tanya Fields, founder of the BLK ProjeK, delivered an inspiring keynote address titled “Lettuce Liberate.” 

The BLK ProjeK seeks to address food justice, public and mental health issues as they relate to underserved women of color through culturally relevant education, beautification of public spaces, urban gardening, and community programming.

By creating easily accessible resources and enriching the lives of women who are routinely overlooked and overburdened yet serve an important and critical role in the larger fabric of society, the BLK ProjeK aims to strengthen overall mental and public health, as well as elevate the collective self-esteem of the larger community.